Broadband Internet Service

Hilltown Networks is working to provide broadband Internet service in several Hilltown communities.

This Internet service will be distributed from wireless access points to fixed locations. These access points will be intentionally located to maximize network performance and customer access. The service will be provided to the customer through relatively small wireless radios installed at the customer's service location. This network is designed to be reliable, high speed, and low latency.

If you are interested in such a service, please complete this brief survey:

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Fiber Optic Internet Service

Hilltown Networks can provide Internet service to Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) on the MassBroadband 123 network. To discuss fiber optic solutions for a CAI, please request information here: CAI Service Interest Form

About Us

Hilltown Networks is a small business located in Ashfield, MA. Its current primary goal is to provide improved last-mile Internet service in the area using wireless technology.